Subject to standards established in consultation with academic departments concerned, credit may be granted to entering or enrolled undergraduate students via various means including external examinations, institutional examinations, and approved military service schools. Credits by examination shall yield no grade points. Such credits may partially fulfill General Education Requirements for graduation. External examinations will include but not be limited to: Advanced Placement (AP) Program examinations of the College Entrance Examinations Board; general and subject College Level Examination Program (CLEP); and the Washington Pre-College Test Program (WPCT).

  1. Advanced Placement Program. Credit for the AP examinations will be granted in an amount equal to the 100-200-level course or courses in the particular discipline tested, as aproved by the specific academic department. The acceptable score for receiving credit is published in the catalog for the year in which the AP examination is taken.
  2. AP ExaminationScoreWSU Course (credits)
    Art: Studio (Drawing)3Fine Arts 110 (3)
    Art: Studio (General)3Fine Arts Elective (3)
    Art: History3Fine Arts Elective [H] (3)
    Biology3Bio S 103, 104 (8)
    Calculus AB3Math 171 (4)
    Calculus BC3Math 171, 172 (8)
    Chemistry3Chemistry Elective [P] (3)
    Computer Science A3Computer Science Elective (3)
    Computer Science AB3Computer Science Elective (3)
    Economics (Micro)3Econ 101 (3)
    Econmics (Macro)3Econ 102 (3)
    English Language/Comp3English Elective (3)
    English Language/Comp4Engl 101 (3)
    English Literatrue/Comp3English Elective (3)
    English Literature/Comp4Engl 101, 108 (6)
    French Language3French 101 (4)
    French Language5Fren 101, 102 (8)
    French Literature3French Elective (3)
    German Language5Ger 101 (4)
    German Language5Ger 101, 102 (8)
    Government (American)3Political Science Elective (3)
    Government (American)4Pol S 101 (3)
    Government (Comp.)3Political Science Elective (3)
    Government (Comp.)4Pol S 102 (3)
    History (US)4Hist 110 (3)
    History (European)3Hist 101 (3)
    History (European)4Hist 101, 102 96)
    Latin: Vergil3Classics Elective (4)
    Latin: Latin Literature3Classics Elective (3)
    Music Theory3Music Elective (2)
    Music Listening/Lit.3Music Elective [H] (3)
    Physics B3Physics Elective (no lab) [P](6)
    Physics C: Mech.3Physics Elective (no lab) [P] (3)
    Physics C: E + M3Physics Elective (no lab) [P] (3)
    Psychology3Psych 105 (3)
    Russian Language3Rus 101 (4)
    Russian Language3Russian Elective (3)
    Spanish Language5Span 101 (4)
    Spanish Literature3Spanish Elective (3)
    Statistics3Math 205 (3)
  3. College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
    1. General and Subject Examinations-Credit for CLEP will be granted if the examination is passed with scores established by the department concerned in consultation with the Director of Admission. Credit will be granted for scores at the 50th percentile or above. Credit will be granted for the comparable Washington State University course, or elective credit may be granted. Not more than 6 semester hours of credit will be granted for each examination.
    2. Students with junior standing (60 semester credits or more) are not eligible for credit through CLEP examinations. Contact the Office of Admissions for specifics.
  4. Challenge Examinations. Matriculated students currently registered at Washington State University, with permission of their advisor or department chairperson and of the chairperson of the department offering the course, may take challenge examinations for university credit in courses in which they are not registered. Students may not take challenge examinations in courses which they have audited, or in which they have received a final grade. Upper-division students may not receive credit by challenge examination in lower- division courses in their major field. Undergraduate students may not receive credit by challenge examination in any course prerequisite to a course in which they are enrolled or have received a final grade. The maximum credit for challenge examinations is 30 semester hours unless permission is obtained from the student's academic dean. The fee for all challenge petitions is $228 per course.
  5. Military Credit. Credit will be granted for satisfactory completion of:
    1. Military service schools in the amount recommended by the American Council of Education in the publication, Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Forces.
    2. United States Armed Forces Institute correspondence courses (under the rules applicable to other correspondence work).
    3. Dantes Credit: Elective credit for DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSSTs) will be granted for college-level academic subjects (non-vocational/technical courses) using the minimum score and credit amount recommendations of the American Council on Education.
  6. Peace Corps and Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) Credit for training in the Peace Corps or VISTA will be granted for having completed specific courses, under regular catalog course numbers, as shown on a regular transcript from an accredited college or university.
  7. Other Test Programs. Credit for other testing programs such as the Washington Pre-College Test Program and WSU departmental placement examinations will be granted in accordance with policies established by the university and academic departments.